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Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt Extractor Kit™
For Broken Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolts
In Most GM and Ford Integral (WER type) Differentials
*** Some Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep***

Vehicle Compatibility List

Rear End Repair Made Easy!

Mechanics estimate 80% of Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolts /
Retaining Pins are found in a broken state
when servicing this type of rear end

• Designed by a National Award Winning Mechanic
Sold to Professional Auto Service Centers for 35 years
Efficient and Easy - Saves Both Money and Time
Essential for Rear End Mechanics
Removal success rate of over 90%

The Problem:

Now offering 5/16" replacement
Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolts!
Made in USA

Not sure about this Bolt?
Please check with your Mechanic.

Save on shipping when you buy
Replacement bolt with Extractor Kit...
Best Value!


Removal of broken differential pinion shaft lock bolts in GM and Ford integral (WER) type rear ends can be time consuming and frustrating!
Mechanics estimate 80% of differential pinion shaft lock bolts (sometimes referred to as a cross pin, locking pin, or retaining pin) are found in a broken state when servicing this type of rear end. Removal of this bolt is required to perform any type of service or rear end repair. From axle seals to complete overhaul this bolt must be removed!

The removal of this lock bolt is essential in performing rear axle replacement, rear axle bearing replacement, rear axle seal replacement, most differential repairs, as well as all differential overhauls and rebuilding

Although many believe this lock bolt is broken at the time of attempted removal, this is not the case. What causes this breakage is the back and forth rotation of the smaller spider gears, which causes a back and forth motion of the pinion shaft. This in turn flexes or, in effect, bends this lock bolt back and forth causing it to fatigue and break.

When found in a broken state much damage and expense is incurred in the removal process. Current removal procedures include the use of hammer and punches along with torches and impact chisels (not to mention the swearing and throwing of tools!) The price of these methods range from the cost of a pinion shaft to the expense of an entire carrier plus the labor.

The Solution:    


This time saving Extractor Kit made by Fabbri Associates, Prototype Tool and Development.
Designed by a National Award Winning Mechanic with a Doctor of Motors Degree and 40 years experience in Automotive Trouble Shooting, this tool has been sold to Professional Auto Service Centers for over 35 years.This Kit is now available to Do It Yourself Mechanics and restoration enthusiasts!

This kit provides long drill bit, drill guides, and extractors so the lock bolt may be removed in a five minute extraction procedure!
The instructions are easy to follow and very thorough. All components come in a re-sealable tube for safe and convenient storage.

Now offering Replacement Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolts!
Made in USA

Comments Always Welcome

Our Customers Give Their Comments:

I used the bolt extractor kit on a 2015 Dodge Ram. It worked great. The costumer service was really helpful. They always returned my calls. I would use their service again. - Craig B.,CA

First I want to say is THANK YOU. This tool save me a new rearend. lol  I have a 97 chevy blazer 4x4. Pin broke and I was able to remove it in less then 10 minutes. The long bit lets you get a cordless drill in there and drill with a slight bend. The special removal bit will grab it and slide right out. If your bolt pin is broke you need this tool. I am no paid person but a shade tree mechanic with hands on. AWESOME TOOL. 10 STARS! - Tim B., VA

This kit saved me a few hundred bucks and the hours required to replace the rear end on my 82 C10. I had seasoned mechanics telling me there was no way of drilling and removing the broken pin. I told a few about the extraction kit and they said it wouldn't work. Best $40 bucks I've spent in a while. Appreciate it. - Jason C., TX

Great tool!! Very easy to use and the instructions were clear. Purchased this kit for our 2006 ford ranger 4x4. The kit removed the lock bolt from the pinion shaft of the rear differential axle. Thanks for the tool. - Polly T., AZ

I received the extractor kit in the mail yesterday, and after reading through your instructions it was literally a five minute job to extract the broken lock pin from my Ford 8.8" carrier. I went from Catch 22, no easy solution to problem solved in five minutes or less. The key, of course, is the precision drilled guide bolts along with the 12" bit that provides access. I'm glad I saw your Extraction Kit on-line! - Roger S., KS

I was like Ralphie on A Christmas Story checking the mailbox daily for my decoder (extractor kit) to come. The glorious day it came, I had the broken bolt out of my 93 chevy c1500 in approximately 6 minutes flat. The way the kit worked was capital AWESOME, thank you for this invention. - Stephanie E., TX

When I broke the bolt in my 2000 F150, I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Fortunately for me, my local parts store steered me to this kit. It worked amazingly well!!! 20 minutes later, I was reinstalling my half shaft and getting ready to button it all up. Recommend using this if you ever have the misfortune of breaking the bolt. Thanks Fabbri Associates. - Duane U., WA

I just wanted to let you know that the pin extractor kit worked well for me. I had the broken pin out of my 72 Nova rear end in about 20 minutes. I thank you for a great product. It was well worth the money I spent and it saved me a ton of grief. - Bob W., IL

Hi, i purchased your Kit for the rearend of my 87 chevy pickup when we went to remove the bolt it snapped off. I tried to drill and easy out on my own but couldn't center my drill point and needless to say i had the remaining bolt really screwed up. i saw your kit and had to try it but was worried that being i had two holes in the bolt already it would snap your bit. i took my time followed your instructions and the remaining bolt was out in less than 15 min. My only regret was i didnt order a new bolt with the kit! - Jeff E., PA

Thanks so much for the kit. It worked great! Also, including the bolt as well is a great idea, when I called to order it through my auto parts store they had trouble finding it. I got the kit and the bolt through you for cheaper than just the kit from other internet sites. THANKS. - Jason R., AL

Superior Product. Within 5 minutes i was able to successfully remove the broken bolt with no problems at all. I would recommend this product to anyone. Used on a 71 GMC c/10 1500 series pickup... again thanks. - Lou B., AL

Wanted to say that I hit on your website right off when I did a web search on the broken pinion lock bolt breaking. The kit I ordered was well worth every penny. I received the kit faster than expected. It took me longer to roll up under the car than use the kit and extract the broken bolt. Glad I found your page and the kit. The vehicle was a 1992 Buick Roadmaster. I had the same issue many years ago with a Chevy Astro van but I resorted to the drift and hammer method. That took several hours. Wish I had a kit like this at that time. - Justin M., AL

The tool works exactly as described, loved it... I used it on my 49 Chevy 3100 pickup that has a 10 bolt Chevy s10 rear end that came out 85'. - Hale P., HI

I orderd your kit for a 2000 Chevy Astro. Had the bolt out in twenty minutes. Thanks. - Kyle C.,TN

I received the kit to remove my broken pinion bolt on my 1991 Chevy S10 pickup. In just a few minutes using the kit the broken part was removed and now I can move ahead in getting my repairs done. This kit is well worth the price. I wish I had ordered it sooner instead of trying other means of removal that did not work and wasted time. Thanks for a great product. - Don B., OH

5 minutes and the broken pin was out! - James L., TX

Used this on my 1985 Monte Carlo SS. I can't say enough about the kit. It took all of 5 minutes to extract the broken bolt. The majority of that time was preparing the kit. I am so glad that I discovered your product!!! With the right tools, it makes every job easier!!!!! Thank you soo much!!! Awesome product!!! - Terry C., IN

I purchased this kit for my 1991 S-10 Blazer. The kit worked like a charm. I had to remove the right side differential cap and shock absorber. After drilling I used the square ez out and the pin came out by hand. Thank you so much for a fantastic product. - Randy P., CA

I purchased this kit for my 1985 Ford F-150 4x4 with an 8.8 differential. I received a thank you note on 12-03-09. Well I finally used the kit today. The Lock Bolt came out in about 2 minutes after careful drilling with the Kits Drill bit for about 2 minutes. What a great tool. It took me all of about 8 minutes from the time I opened the kit. Yes, I was truly happy with the performance of the kit. No problems with the kit.........so thank you! - David G., PA

Purchased extractor kit for 2000 ford ranger. Job successful. Consider locking grooves on end of drill bit guide bolt to keep non-treaded half of retainer bolt from spining inside carrier pin while drilling. Drilling took more time than extracting. Overall, it's an excellent solution. As a Ford Ranger owner, I will recommend Fabbri Associates and the Extractor Kit to every Ranger owner. Thank You! - FtCe., NJ

I received this order yesterday and it worked perfectly. I have a 78 Chevy 4x4, with a 12 bolt rear end. I used the longer pilot bolt, drilled, then lightly tapped the square e-z out and removed the broken bolt very easily. Thanks again..... - David L., WV

Used this kit on a '78 Chevy 12 bolt. Worked like a charm, and unbelievably easy to use. Saved me hundreds of dollars, and is worth twice the price!
Need to get this product features on the Spike TV Power Block shows and carried at Napa auto parts stores! Thanks!" - Brett H., CO

I just tried out your differential pinion shaft lock bolt extractor kit.  I was extremely skeptical that it would actually work, due to the tight space to work in and how thin the broken piece of the bolt is.  I was frankly shocked at how well this worked!  Everybody with this problem should know about this.  You saved me at least the price of a new pinion shaft, and at worst an entirely new carrier.

Before I found your kit, I looked for advice from a few friends that have been wrenching on cars and trucks for years.  They all told me the same thing - either grind through the shaft, or smash it out and risk destroying the carrier: there's no other option.  I even asked at our local auto shop and was met with the same response.  I'm looking forward to telling them all about this.  It's a brilliant solution to an extraordinarily common problem and really saved me a lot of money. I used it on a 1990 Ford F150 4x4. Thank you very much! - Jake S., NJ

Worked perfectly and within 10 min, I had the broken bolt out of my 81 Firebird rear end! - DS., Canada

When I read about this kit on-line I was skeptical about the glowing reviews. But after consulting with the helpful folks at Fabbri Associates via email, I ordered the kit. The high quality tools in the kit worked just as described and saved me a whole lot of frustration as well as time and money. This kit is a life-saver for anyone who has to remove this broken bolt. I'd be glad to report my experience using it to a prospective but hesitant customer. Contact Fabbri Associates to find out how to get in touch with me. (Used on a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport). - Ralph D., OH

Wow! It really worked. Okay, it might not have taken five minutes. But in less than a half hour the old pin was out. Maybe the guy at the auto parts store should sell these! Used on a 66 Chev pickup that the rearend was swapped out from unknown GM at salvage yard probably a late 60’s-early 70’s. - Daryl S., IA

Wow, that was easy. Had it out in about 10 minutes. Used it on a '65 Chevrolet Impala. - Jeff R., ID

Just received your kit today. Had the broken bolt out in 2 minutes. Great idea!!!! I was working on a 1980 Chevy Malibu. - Paul B., MS

Awesome product. Worth its weight in gold. After hearing all the experts tell me the horror stories of what I am in for, thirty minutes with this product I am smiling again. The Crown Vic Police is back on the road. Please help the masses and sell this at the major auto parts stores. - Rich B., TN

Great Kit. Anybody even thinking they may be removing rear axles on a GM truck needs to go ahead and buy the kit. I had a broken pinion shaft bolt on a '93 Chevy Z-71 (K-1500). The instructions were simple to follow and kit was easy to use. It worked like a dream. - Dan B., Al

I got the tool and it worked great! Used it on a 1990 Buick Estate wagon. Thanks for the fast shipping. - Tom D., MI

Just wanted to let you know that the extraction kit worked great on my 1993 GMC P/U!!!! It took me less than 5 minutes to remove the broken bolt. - Chuck L., NJ

I am not a mechanic and it took me less than half an hour to remove the broken bolt out of my 80 camaro stock car rear end. - Derek C., Canada

The extractor arrived Friday and all I can say is WOW. I used it on 93 Ford Ranger Pick up over the weekend and it made a 10 minute job out of something almost impossible to do without it. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you again! - Rich H., Canada

This was my first time ever doing a broken pinion pin and the kit got it out within 10 minutes easily, it is worth every penny! Great kit and a very helpful set of instructions. Great for both beginners and experienced people alike. Thanks. - Jim C., IL

This tool worked GREAT on a 1979 Cadilac Coupe Deville. I had wasted several hours trying to remove the bolt and then found the tool and it enabled me to remove the broken bolt in only a few minutes. Thanks Again for having this tool available! - Charles M., MD

It worked great. I tried everything short of a torch, your tool had the job done in 15 minutes. - Mark E., NY

Just wanted to let you know that this product is great! Took less than 10 minutes to remove broken pinion bolt on my S10 pickup. Thanks for your help. - Chris H., CA

The tool worked great! Used it on a 1976 Chevy G20 Van. Very happy I didn't have to go to a machine shop to fix this, did it right here at home. Thank you! - Pat R., CA

I have a small shop and until I bought this tool I've always turned away customers with a broken pinion shaft bolt due to the time and risk of damage. Now I welcome them! - Thomas T., MA

It made the world of difference. I have cut out carriers when it was a rush job. Your kit made it a 10 minute job. Thanks for a great product. - Bill M., NJ

i have a 1987 monte carlo 10bolt 7.625. This started as a rear break job. then i found a axle seal leaking. then i broke the pin/bolt. as you may expect i was a little depressed at that time. The kit did the trick with no damage to the threads, it took me about 20-30 min. Talk about a relief, it made my week when i got the broken piece out. - Chad B., MI

Bought your kit and have to say this is one of the few tools that when they work like this one did, it makes you smile. I went to rebuild the posi on my 1989 Ford Mustang, stock 8.8 rear end, and found the pin bolt broken off inside. I tried to drill it out with a normal drill but didn't have the right angle and started to mess up the threads for the new bolt. Wish I had known about the Kit before I tried the normal drill. Excellent tool to have just in case, but hope I don't need to use it again. - Garrett M., PA

I'm a Ford Technician and so I use this tool on mostly Ford rear ends and it works perfectly! What a great time saver. Thanks for a great tool! - Tom A., CA

I found the snapped shaft bolt during a tear down, on a 7.5 1991 Chevy Astro, (which I expected). Managed to extract the broken bolt with no problems in a matter of minutes. Excellent product, thank you. - Alvin A., HI

I used the tool on a 95 Suburban and it worked perfectly. The tool is still in good shape and I hope to use it many more times. Thanks again. - Russell G., KS

Thank you for this kit. I used the tool on a 1997 Ford Explorer 2wd and it worked perfectly. 2 minutes and my problem was solved! - Paul U., AL

Hello Fabbri. I purchased this for my 1995 Ford F-150. The tool worked perfectly. My dad is a machinist, so I'm very familiar with the parts in the kit. Thanks for putting all the pieces together at a reasonable price. - Adam A., AZ

Just a note to tell you your tool worked great on my 1984 Olds Cutlass! I'm recommending it to my local rear end shop. Thanks for making a tough job easy. - Dave L., OH

Thanks for this tool. We used it on a 2006 Buick Roadmaster and it worked fantastically! - Barry O., PA

We use this extractor to repair S-10 rear chassis of various years. We regularly have this problem and are very happy to find a solution to the problem. The tool works fine without any difficulty. Thank You! - Christopher H., IN

This Kit worked great on my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer. Thanks! - Chris M., PA

I used the kit on my 91 astrovan 10 bolt differential, and it worked fine! Great tool and a time and money saver! - Thomas D., CA

I am a mechanic and own a shop. This product works excellent on most General Motors vehicle with a 10 bolt; 1/2 ton pick-up, or Camaro, etc. It also works on most Ford 8.8; Mustang, 1/2 ton pick-up, Crown Victoria, etc. We have used this a lot. I love it, this is a great invention! - JT., TX

I used your tool on a 1988 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe, 8.8 rear end. It worked great, without it I would have been screwed. The bolt broke off with just about one thread left on it. It was just enough thread so I could not get it out. With your tool it took about 5 minutes to get it out. Thanks! - David D., WA

I work in a repair shop. We had a car come in with a broken pin. I bought this kit and told the guys in the shop I could remove the pin in 15 minutes. They told me it could not be done without using a torch. I performed the removal in front of them and they were stunned! I gave them each the tool as a gift. - Steve F., FL

The best way to remove a broken retaining bolt / pin ever! Great auto tool! - LeRoy H., NE

I have not used this tool yet. I purchased it for future use. I needed a 7.6" rear end carrier for my 94 chevy s-10 blazer, and when I went to the junkyard, I had a hard time finding a carrier that I could get out because of the broken pin. After that project was over, I found your site. I work on my cars for both the necessity of getting to and from work, and as a hobby, so I got your tool to put in one of my toolboxes for insurance. - George D., OH

Awesome! Absolute genius idea - so simple yet so smart!!! - Jim A., NE

I purchased this extractor tool and wanted to tell you it worked excellent. I used it on a 1990 Chevy truck, it was quick and easy. This is really an great tool. It is a must have for any do-it-yourselfer. - Robert M., MI

It worked great. I fought the job for a day with no luck on a 2000 Ford F150 4x4, & your tool let me do it in 15 minutes. - Andrew B., CA

It worked great. I got the bolt out in about 10 min. it was used on a 1998 Ford Explorer rear axle (the Ford 8.8). Thanks alot! - David R., TN

Tool works great! A real time saver, thanks a million. - Jeremy W., NC

It did in 10 minutes what I couldn't do in two days. Great Tool! - Andy P., CA

I was skeptical, but it worked as promised and shipping was fast! - Joaquin N., AZ

Thanks and kudos to this product. Worked great! Fast too! - Mr. Gomez, WI

I used the tool on a 1990 Chevy K1500. It worked great , no problems! - Mike S., NH

The tool worked tremendously on my '69 Firebird. I drilled and pulled the broken bolt right out and didn't damage anything! Could definitely be used again. - Mike P., IL

Great Kit ! Thank You so much! - Andrew H., CA

Worked just as described. Super easy to use. - Robert M., CO

I have used the tool on 2 occasions, removing broken pins on a '86 Ford Ranger and a '94 Chevy 4x4. The cases were saved on both vehicles. The extractor worked extremely well! The tool in my opinion is a gem!!! Thanks for the GREAT ITEM! - Fred S., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I used this on a 1990 Chevy Blazer. It worked like a charm. I would definitely recommend your tool to anybody with a broken pin. - Robert A., NJ

I've used it like 5 times! Its a great tool. Thanks. - Mr. G., WI

I bought this after I had to destroy a perfectly good posi carrier because the bolt was stuck. I didn't know that the tool existed until after. When I saw this I thought a $29 tool is worth a shot. Used it and it was soooo worth it. Thanks! - Justin W., CT

The tool worked great on my '91 Ford Bronco! Got it out in about 5 minutes just like you said. - Marty T., AZ

I bought this kit to use in my shop for commercial use. I have used it on a 12 bolt chevy rear end and it worked very well. 100 percent satisfied! - James W., GA

I used this tool on a '69 Chevy Camaro. Amazing! Thanks for a great solution! - Matt H., CO

This kit worked perfectly on my 1993 Ford Ranger! - William H., PA

Thanks, this kit saved me. - Dallas M., RI

Now offering 5/16" replacement
Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolts!

Made in USA

Not sure about this Bolt?
Please check with your Mechanic.

Save on shipping when you buy
Replacement bolt with Extractor Kit...

Best Value!


Differential Repair
Made Easy!

Save Time!
Save Money!

Solution Graphics

extractor kit
Extractor Kit
Low price of only...
price tag

Warranty - Seller accepts no liability other than replacement or refund for defective materials or workmanship. Buyer assumes all risk and liability as to the user of the product purchased and holds seller harmless from liability arising out the loss, damage, or injury to persons or property of the buyer or others arising out of the use or possession of this product.

Special Note: Safety regulations require the use of safety goggles and other appropriate protection during the entire extracting procedure.

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